Soil Properties Data


  • Figure 1 : Soil_Types
  • Figure 2 : EC
  • Figure 3 :pH
  • Figure 4 :Phophorus
  • Figure 3 :Potassium
  • Figure 4 :Organic Matter

Soil data were obtained from Institute of Soil Fertility Research (IFS) Department of Agriculture Research, Punjab Lahore the information of more than 0.283 million locations These soil data were collected after point to point sample collection through core method and laboratory analysis established in each district of the province. We performed data analysis i.e. Point Data Interpolation.

Reference: Ahmad, A., Khan, M.R., Shah, S.H.H., Kamran, M.A., Wajid, S.A., Amin, M., Khan, A., Arshad, M.N., Cheema, M.J.M., Saqib, Z.A., Ullah, R., Ziaf, K., ul Huq, A., Ahmad, S., Ahmad, I., Fahad, M., Waqas, M.M., Abbas, A., Iqbal, A., Pervaiz, A., Khan, I.A. 2019. Agro-ecological zones of Punjab, Pakistan – 2019. Rome,FAO

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