Mobile and Web Based Tools Developed for LWR036

 Apna Pani (Mobile Application):

Through APNA PANI, we are offering a mobile application Apna Pani with two modules (Wells and Apna Farm) and a web application to the stakeholder communities.
• Record the well information (Owner Name, Location, and Custom name for each entry)
• Report a well reading on daily basis, each of the reading will have well name or Well ID, EC or Depth to Water.
• Check all the wells and their readings on graphs.
• Export data as CSV.
• Import data from CSV.

 Apna Farm:

A Decision Support Tool For Land And Water Resrouce Management For Crop Production. A Platform For Extension And Irrigation Staff To Guide Farmers

Available for Punjab, Sindh and Balouchistan.
(English Version | Urdu Version)
APNA FARM displays information about land on the Map. The information includes:
• Weather information.
• Soil attributes (Click here for details).
• Crop Profitability Data.
• Crop Profitability Data (Click here for details).
• Current weather parameters for their farm.
• Can easily calculate crop water requirements with three clicks.
• Can compare various options of crops and their water needs.
• The application can be used in combination with Apna Farm module where crop profitability, soil attributes.

Landing Page

Landing Page.

Tube Wells

Tube Well Data.

Landing Page

Reading Graph.

Tube Wells

Water Resrouce Management For Crop Production.

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